What is BOM IN ONE BOX and what does the BOM servics contain?

Since Allchips was founded, the BOM service is what they want to do forever. Allchips serve 100,000 customers in China. so when they went to out of china for the first time and they wanted to give our service a good name.

At the beginning, it was called “BOM solution” directly, because our service at that time was an online software to give customers solution. At 2018, one of our customers said that our service was great, purchasing a $1200000 order at a time, and gave us the service a name:


This name has a great resonance in our company, and our managers are excited about this name. Because this name is synonymous with our service.

BOM IN ONE BOX comes from this.



BOM IN ONE BOX is a all-in-one procurement solution for electronic components. Allchips have been deeply involved in this industry for more than 10 years, and Allchips know the headache of industry procurement. Some SMEs( Small and medium-sized enterprises), especially small and startups have very weak supply chains. They are ready to put their products into production and discover that their supply chain will torture them. They do not have a procurement channel, they need to search, compare, and ensure the lead time by searching the website one by one. They waste a lot of time and money, and they may find that the cost of the products are far exceeds the budget.


Allchips have a customer, their company has a total of 12 people, most of them are engineers. After receiving the angel round financing, it is expected that the first batch can produce 5,000 sets of products. When they start do the project and mass-produce, they are dumbfounded. The purchase took a lot of time, the cost 20% higher than their budget, and the project was almost aborted. Finally, Allchips solved their supply chain problem through us. Allchips are still offering them supply chain service, and the team has grown to nearly 30 people now.

Allchips team started this service in 2016. Allchips BOM service team currently has more than 30 people, each with extensive experience in the industry, knowing the market price, and working closely with the original agent. (Allchips have cooperated with more than 1000 original manufacturers and authorized agents. These are basically the maintenance of our BOM team. This is also the biggest secret advantage of Allchips bom service.) The division of our BOM team is very clear. Active components, passive components, chips, power devices, optoelectronic devices, connectors, etc. are all handled separately. This allows the price given by each individual to be the best price in the industry.


What does the “BOM IN ONE BOX” contain?

BOM Quotation

BOM Quotation is the basic service include in “Bom in one box”.  When you do a project, you must have a BOM list, the BOM list may contain thousands parts like this: (the case i copy some parts)

Manufacturer part number Producer Value Package Quantity
CL21B103KCANNNC SAMSUNG 10000pF 100V 0805 100
EEUFC1C471 PANASONIC 470µF 16V 10 mm 10
UVZ1H221MPD NICHICON 220µF 50V 10 mm 10
UVZ1H220MDD NICHICON 22µF 50V 5 mm 20
GRM31CR61E106KA12L MURATA 10µF 25V 1206 10
UVZ2A470MPD NICHICON 47µF 100V 10 mm 5
293D227X9010D2TE3 VISHAY 220µF 10V 2917 10
CL10B104JB8NNNC SAMSUNG 100nF 50V 0603 100
CL21B102KBANNNC SAMSUNG 1nF 50V 2012 100
VJ0805A101JXACW2BC VISHAY 100pF 50V 0805 100
CRCW04020000Z0TDBC VISHAY 0 Ohm 0402 100
DE1209-330 FERROCORE 330µH 12x12x10mm 5
DE0704-330 FERROCORE 330µH 7.3×7.3×4.5mm 5
DJNR4018-100-S FERROCORE 10µH 4x4x1.8mm 5
DS1023-1*5S21 CONNFLY 10
BC847C.215 NEXPERIA SOT-23-3 25
1206S4F1002T5E ROYAL OHM 10k Ohm 1206 100
0805S8J0472T5E ROYAL OHM 4.7k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0000T5E ROYAL OHM 0 Ohm 0805 100
TC0525B1501T1E ROYAL OHM 1.5k Ohm 0.1% 0805 10
0805S8J0302T5E ROYAL OHM 3k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0151T5E ROYAL OHM 150 Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0303T5E ROYAL OHM 30k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0103T5E ROYAL OHM 10k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0331T5E ROYAL OHM 330 Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0182T5E ROYAL OHM 1.8k Ohm 0805 100
TC0525B1001T1E ROYAL OHM 1k Ohm 0.1% 0805 20
0805S8J0270T5E ROYAL OHM 27 Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0470T5E ROYAL OHM 47 Ohm 0805 100
TC0525B1000T1E ROYAL OHM 100 Ohm 0.1% 0805 10

You can’t find these parts one by one, that may cost few days or months. And you can’t get them quichly, because you may find than some of them are lead time parts. If you are an startup company, you will worried about your supply chain. BOM IN ONE BOX quotation can help you save time and money, we can offer one price(the best price than every one others) for all the parts, you do not worry about the quality, lead time, Customs. Because in the BOM IN ONE BOX service give you the price. That base the quality, lead time, Customs. These are the foundation.

If you have the bom, and need 1 sample parts of the project. We also can quotation for you too. That means every part you need one or two, we also can help you. No MOQ.  You can send your sample BOM to


When we offer you the BOM Quotation. You think the price is okay, you can purchase. All the service will be the best.

Many ways payment:
TT Bank Information: (for US Dollars)
Western Union


If you don’t have a warehousing system, we have a large warehouse in Shenzhen that can be used as your warehousing. You can arrange for us to ship the components according to your project schedule.

Testing service

We can do many testing service for the components. Before we package, we will test them whether they have the parameter.

Final Function Testing

Open/Short Test

Programming Function Testing


HD Visual Inspection

Chemistry Analysis

BOM IN ONE BOX service is the best service of electronic components industry.



BOM Solution Service for Electronic Components Purchasers

Electronic component purchasers encounter many problems in purchasing electronic components, so companies that generally need to purchase will recruit experienced buyers. But even experienced buyers will have a headache when they encounter a purchase list with thousands of item numbers. Therefore, the market has a demand for bulk parts purchase tool and service! Then we can talk about the BOM solution service for bulk parts purchase.

What is BOM List?

The BOM List is short for bill of material list. A bill of material or BOM is a list of all manufactured and raw material needed to build an assembly of more than one manufactured part. It serves as the core of any manufacturing process because it lays out all information required to assemble a part. Not only does a BOM outline what manufactured and raw materials are needed to build a part, but it also includes the equipment and tools needed to build the parts.

It may like this:


What is a BOM solution service?

The use of BOM solution service in the electronics distribution industry is quite complicated. While a lot of distributors are still into the old ways.

Imagine you have a BOM plan, it’s involved in 100 parts and 20 brands in the BOM—if you had to shop for several of these parts NO. to complete your product. The process would go something like this:

  • Run a search for a dual voltage regulator such as LM125, find your regulator, click into the details page, add part quantity, add to cart.
  • Search for resistors, find your resistor, view the details page, add quantity, add to cart.

(Repeat process 99 more times on a variety of distributors’ websites.)

And the problem gets worse if you are trying to optimize for cost and/or deliver the parts into a specific production/prototype window.

All that work, and at the end of the process, someone would still have to go back into the BOM and update the documentation manually.

This is such an important aspect of sales that will impact the overall customer experience.

With the growing shift to digital forms of purchasing, it is necessary that companies hoping to maintain their relevance and sustain growth approach transformation in a similar manner to the pace at which everyone else progresses. This is why the need for a smart and intelligent BOM service is needed to greatly improve the customer experience at the purchasing and ordering levels.


Which websites have BOM solutions?

There are lots of electronic components distributors with different business models adopting different approaches to engage their customers. Although a large section of electronics components distribution companies still employs manual, cumbersome, and stressful approaches, several companies have adopted automated approaches to BOM management that helps to improve ordering and purchasing. Some of these include Allchips (BOM IN ONE BOX), Digikey (BOM Manager), Mouser (Forte), Avnet (BOM Manager), and some other websites. These companies are able to service their customers’ request as regards purchasing electronic parts online with varying levels of satisfaction.

Which company has the best BOM service?

Allchips’ BOM IN ONE BOX (Chinese version is better than the English one) service seems to be the best in a somehow distinct manner. Allchips has deeply involve in the electronic components industries for more than ten years, and made a name for itself within such a short time. Aside from being of the best electronics components distributors online globally, it has this one of a kind BOM service for small-medium business which is unparalleled by most of the other big names in the industry.

Allchips BOM IN ONE BOX Service


The BOM IN ONE BOX service from Allchips is an all-in-one procurement solution for electronic components. This smart and intelligent BOM solution stands out for its ability to intelligently recognize, analyze, match, compare, and recommend for your non-template BOM list by uploading or dragging without registration. The system has been designed to intelligently analyze and optimize to suit the needs of hardware engineers, project owners, as well as electronic components purchasers.   For what it’s worth, the Allchips BOM IN ONE BOX service outperforms most other companies’ BOM solutions for reasons that bother on;

  • Intelligent Recognizing

Non-template BOM list, intelligent recognized the BOM list format. Just type in, drag or upload your BOM List.


  • Cost Calculation

With the intelligent analysis, you can get a rapid quotation. What is more, you can see where the main cost from the BOM, and you can adjust the electronic components parts to meet your demand.


  • Replacement Solution

For the shortage of parts in the production process and cannot be bought within a short period of time or the EOL (End of life) parts, Allchips will intelligent provide customers with Suggested Substitutes.


  • Price Comparison

Analysis of every components parts in your BOM list, Allchips will compare the price within the market, and provide the best price and even lowest cost from general market.


  • Risk Management

Help you to figure whether your project item number is from a single supply channel, whether it is out of production or it is out of stock as well as whether it meets environmental standards. These factors and some others are the greatest potential risks against project. Though the analysis, you can make a safe and appropriate plan for your project from a long-term view.


  • Whole BOM Supply

Help you to find all electronic components in your BOM list, and provide a quotation with your BOM. If Allchips online platform can’t meet your BOM demand, you can send your BOM demand to their offline teams. Allchips has more than 30 professionals with 5 years’ experience in purchasing team, and help you to find the all electronic components parts.


The Allchips BOM solution is developed to embody not only a digital transformation but also to revolutionize service and maintenance. Thus, the company and its customers are able to “stay on the same BOM”. The value of a BOM solution can only be measured by the capability to utilize data in the downstream process. This smart system from Allchips has not only ensured the company progresses at an equal pace to connect with customers in a digital world, it has also ensured that customers have a hitch-free experience ordering and purchasing online.

The smart and intelligent BOM service is not the only good thing about Allchips. The company has also put considerable efforts into after sales support to add more value to their service by improving customer experience. With about 10,000,000 parts sourced solely from original manufacturers and authorized agents, it’s hard to go wrong with the quality of components on offer. Allchips partners are either original manufacturers or authorized agents meeting international certification standards such as the ISO9001 and ISO14001 international standard certifications among others. Along with this ensuring that quality is kept at the maximum possible level, you’ll also enjoy a 360-day quality guarantee.

All in all, Allchips BOM IN ONE BOX is one of those unique competitive advantage that have made Allchips. For electronic components purchaser, hardware engineers, project owners, and every other person in need of quality electronic components online, Allchips has a good BOM solution service.



Difference between Allchips BOM, Digikey BOM, Mouser BOM and Ickey BOM.

A bill of materials (also known as a BOM or bill of material) is a comprehensive list of parts, items, assemblies and other materials required to create a product, as well as instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. The bill of materials can be understood as the recipe and shopping list for creating a final product. But for most of the purchasers, we can say that their BOM can refer to a long list of components. So how to deal with the BOM efficiently becomes more and more vital for the suppliers or the supply chain platform. Facing the market requirement,different BOM service models emerged to meet the demand of the customers. Such as : the “ Allchips BOM solution ” “ Digikey BOM manager ” “ Mouser BOM Tool ”and “ Ickey BOM Matching ”.

But there is indeed some difference ,which can influence choices of the customers. Now let us have a review on their similarities and distinction via testing their BOM systems.

Allchips BOM system

Digikey BOM system

Mouser BOM system

Ickey BOM system

First of all, we would like to talk about the similarities which demonstrate the trend of the high efficiency and comprehensive data collection in the industry. All of the systems enable to quote for your BOM within seconds, which facilitates you to save a large mount of time. Then the various BOM service models can serve you to place the online order , which maybe can meet the demands in small quantity and few materials of customers. Then they also offered the parameters to test if materials meet the security standard such as the environment standard. Finally, the online quotation can contribute to the access to the latest knowledge and information of the related materials. Meanwhile the customers can made wise decision when they operate their business. So to some degree, the BOM service is also promoting the progress of technology innovation. Digital transformation and new business models are coming to manufacturing and as a result creating new demands for the customers.

Meanwhile, difference model conduces to the opportunity for each promising platform. As for the BOM service, Allchips BOM, Digikey BOM, Mouser BOM and Ickey BOM operate by the some different method to some extent. So let us analyse how the diverse BOM service appeals to and serves the customers which shaped their uniqueness.

From the above the screen pictures, we can have a clear on the design of the whole BOM system. They all export the matching result for cutomers’ BOM list by the disparate data analysis with their database.  Allchips BOM solution can show you a comprehensive and overall outline on your BOM with a detailed score calculation, which facilitate you to have a clear mind in the the materials matching status. And their system can automatically recognize your template even with vague character. There is no need to create a file to adapt to the system format, which is a obvious advantage.but for the other three platform you need to adjust your file to suit their system and show the matching sate by the single material explanation, and provide the detailed information corresponding to the required materials. Certain special design can satisfy specialized customers’perference. Such as ICkey’s choosing suppliers by manual operation, which develop the access to supplier choice which customer would like to prioritize. Mouser’s quantity setting is different from the other three. They only show the price by the single one, which can help visitors know more about the probable cost of their project. The unique design is the first choice of market for competitors in a sense. So the system design also demonstrates a kind of innovation, which can draw the customers’ attention. But there is another way in which diverse platforms occupy emerging market.

Then it is important for purchasers to have a perfect and highly matching plan for their BOM list. But there is nearly no supply chain platform which can totally matching the BOM with no breach. So the capacity how to deal with the shortage of the certain materials is vital for the supply chain platform. Allchips attaches much preference to it. Facing tough situation like that, they will export alternatives automatically according to the corresponding parameters to facilitate users to make a wiser choice for their BOM, which absolutely save their time to look out the specific one. For Ickey, if you change different suppliers, you will potentially have a different matching result. Digikey also offers the related alternative information but for packaging. The Mouser have no access to that, which gave the detailed information for matched ones.

At last , price is the most concerned topic for most of customers, which refers to the whole project cost. All the customers hope to finish the purchase with favorable price. Ickey show the prices with regulatory quantity. Mouser can also show you unite price, which conduce the customers to calculation of the cost. Digikey also provides floating price varying to different packaging. But Allchips’S BOM solution is a little bit different. They literally can offer the ladder price with different quantity. But the platform is improving. So the data online is not so comprehensive. But you can contact their professional team, including the salesman, executives and technicists who can offer you service in the technical and data support. They have cooperated with thousands of original factories and authorized agents with millions of data. Then we will analyse and make a price comparison for your BOM. Besides their system can optimize your whole BOMl list. That is also what their team can deal with. So BOM solution is favored by more and more customers.

All of them can be regarded as innovators of the era, which also demonstrates the limitlessness of innovation. A new platform is also a new beginning of innovation. So no matter what kind of model they are, the supply chain of electronic components will have a bright and potential future because of their spirit of exploration in customers service. It is also firmly believed that more excellent service from supply chain platform is worthy of being expected for customers.


Allchips Intelligent BOM Solution Process & How the BOM Solution help you

Welcome to our Intelligent BOM solution. In order to help you know more about Allchips BOM Solution work and perfect function, we made the sketch maps for you as the following:

(Allchips Intelligent BOM Solution is FREE for users without registration)

1: Firstly, Enter our official website BOM SOLUTION page :

2: Then you can type in, drag or upload your BOM list in the blank search box. (Intelligently recognizing you bom list format, non-template needed)

BOM Solution - Your On-hand Components Supply Chain Tool
BOM Solution – Your On-hand Components Supply Chain Tool

3: After importing the BOM list, there is a pop-up window where you can choose the lead time you prefer (You can choose it according to your program schedule).

Please choose the Lead Time Required
Please choose the Lead Time Required

4: Then the system will evaluate your BOM list through artificial intelligence & big data. System will give you a Evaluation score comprehensively and detailed information about the BOM list in seconds. 100 score is the perfect score.

bom list evaluation score
bom list evaluation score

Below the evaluation score, the system will also output the matched part numbers information : immediate Supply chain risk assessment Cost Cost saving and Estimated delivery date , which you can view by clicking the corresponding part.

  • Supply chain risk assessment. In the first sector,we analyse it from four parts : Single Supply Chain , Stock Limited , EOL , Non-RoHS . if there is no number appearing in the four parts’ scope , indicating that your bom is under a good condition and the chosen parts involve low risks.
    Supply chain risk assessment
    Supply chain risk assessment
  • Cost. In the second sector,the system can help you analyse your cost. This sector can show you Whether the cost of the Part NO. is more than expected.
  • Cost Saving. In the third sector , the system will generate a bar chart. the most telling feature of the bar chart is the dominance of comparison . You can see the cut-down of the cost in Allchips via comparing the Allchips’ price with the market price.
    Cost saving
    Cost saving
  • Estimated Delivery Date.  In the last sector, the system can analyse and and pick the part No. within the chosen lead time automatically, which help to make a decision for your project .
    Estimated Delivery Date
    Estimated Delivery Date

It can be seen from the the chart that : the evaluation score is 86 not 100. The amount in total of completely matched part the example is : $18663.64 and 12 parts are completely matched. So there are still some incompletely matched part numbers. As shown in the pictures , they are divided into: PARTISL MATCHINFG , SUGGESTED SUBSTITUTES , NON-MATCHING .

  • PARTISL MATCHING.  Due to the different parameters and template or certain errors in the parts’character,  you need to confirm the specific one with via picking the right part number from the partial matching ones to avoid huge scrap costs. And there is a reminder :”Confirm commended part”
  • SUGGESTED SUBSTITUTES: As for the condition where the part numbers in the BOM list is short of the inventory, the system will show you the alternative components according to the required parameters in your BOM list. You can make a choice on the basis of the price , brand, your practical use and so on. And there is a reminder :”pls confirm the part No.”.too.
  • NON-MATCHING :In this part, the parts numbers the system can not match are normal and reasonable. Many factors lead to that, such as : wrong parameters, information shortage, no inventory and so on. But it takes a very small percentage. You need to check and have a survey on whether the part numbers are common or normative. And you can also get the reminder :”the part number is incorrect”

Notice you may concern:

  • MPQ, MOQ: MPQ: minimum packing quantity. MOQ: minimum order quantity. Our system have a limited quantity for the packing and purchasing which can help us to purchase and benefit you to have a decent price. So the system will calculate the total amount according to the MOQ.
  • Detailed price with the price ladder: As for the related quantity you need to take care , the price will also vary to the quantity as shown in the price ladder. Different quantity number will emerge a variant price, which maybe facilitate you to increase your inventory with a decent price in a one-time purchase.
    Price in detail with the price ladder
    Price in detail with the price ladder
  • Delivery date: In order to save the time for you to arrange the project as earlier as possible, the system will pick the part numbers with a advanced lead time intelligently. And you can arrange part of the components in advance.

When you select the right part no. , the system gives you a complete and detailed bom solution for you. If you want to have a overall and clear visual view on your bom solution plan, you need to register and log in. You can handle the following steps.

Export, reimport,send email contact us
Export, reimport,send email contact us
  • Export: After logging in, you can export the BOM solution analysis in your equipment and start your study.
  • Reimport: If you want to make some change in your BOM list and operate another intelligent matching , you can reimport your BOM list in the BOM solution then generate another bom list analysis.
  • Send to Email:  You can also share the matched file with your friends or the people you want by adding the E-mail addresses. And they can download the file document in the email.
    Send to email
    Send to email
  • Contact us :  Surely, if you have any problems or advice , you can“contact us” and leave the message. We will answer you as soon as possible.

These are the ended steps, because you can see the exported BOM analysis.

Exported BOM analysis
Exported BOM analysis

In addition, there is a history list, recording your BOM matching situation. You can ask Allchips for help to optimize your BOM list, besides you can put forward your ideas and requirements , upon which Allchips will offer you the most detailed and reasonable analysis for your project.


After confirming and clicking all the part numbers you need, you can add to your cart and finish the order with one-click.

Add to cart
Add to cart

This is the simple process of bom solution:


Through the detailed introduction of the BOM solution, It is clear that massive amounts of data and cutting edge data science to identify the part number are the support of the solution BOM solution. It makes significantly easier and faster to make sure the correct data is communicated to the contract manufacturers timely, as the product data is connected and centralized all the way, with sourcing, files and supplier accessibility. Then it is the improved search to find components, sub assemblies, and top assemblies. Besides BOM solution cooperates with so many suppliers to generate a huge database.

So the Allchips Intelligent BOM solution can help you from some steps. We can roughly divide the process into three parts: collecting data, generating the bom plan and optimizing for the outcomes. The process is complicated but well-designed.


Our website is developing so the online data is limited. But do not worry about that. There are 10 million data offline supporting your BOM list. So If your components are beyond the capabilities listed in the website, please contact to our professionals by sending your BOM list to our official email:


Allchips Intelligent BOM Tool Come on Stage at ELEXCON 2017

On Dec. 21–23, 2017, Allchips Limited was crowned with complete success at ELEXCON 2017. According to Mr. Li, the Principal of Exhibition: “The whole team had to get ready one and a half months in advance, in order to make full preparation, show Allchips’ brand influence and offer the classic expo experience to visitors. The booth is 580 square feet, and equiped with a service staff of 20. Allchips have really showed their sincerity.”

During the exhibition, Allchips’ booth was always full of visitors. There was not any empty chair left. And many others were standing in line looking for the brochures. Both clients and suppliers were full of interest in Allchips: the professional electronic components platform.

allchips at elexcon 2017 exhibition
allchips at elexcon 2017 exhibition

Mr. Li said: “The main purpose is to exhibit our Intelligent BOM Tool 2.0. Since after the launch of Intelligent BOM 2.0, positive feedbacks have come like tidewater. ELEXCON 2017 is one of the best opportunities to have this BOM tool experienced by companies in need offline. And with more feedback from offline, we can continue improving our Intelligent BOM Tool more efficiently.  Moreover, many factories have agreed to use our BOM tool after communicating with us and experiencing it. The set in our booth has been always full. These companies are eager to use our intelligent BOM Tool, to help them improve purchasing efficiency, save purchasing cost, and manage their projects smartly. Now our R&D department has already hand to develop BOM Tool 3.0. We believe this will be big good news for the factories we serve.”

allchips intelligent BOM tool
allchips intelligent BOM tool

How to use Allchips Intelligent BOM tool:


During this expo, over 4,700 visitors registered on Allchips’ website, and over 350 clients visited their booth directly. But not only that, dozens of original factories and authorized agents are now willing to sell on Allchips’ platform.

Allchips’ SCM (Supply Chain Management) Department Director stated: “Over 1,000 original factories and authorized agents have already sold their products on Allchips’ Platform. And these registered suppliers will be the powerful guarantee that all the components from Allchips are Original and New. However, for Allchips, the main business is not only selling electronic components, but also offering service through our BOM Tool. BOM Tools have a big market demand, but there isn’t a good one in the market at the moment. Our Intelligent BOM Tool is made for those developing companies, helping them save time and cost. All members of Allchips are aiming to help and accompany those developing small and medium enterprises grow in strength. This is Allchips final vision.”


About Allchips
Allchips is an electronic components service platform for original manufacturers and authorized agents. Allchips supplies more than 10 million products from 1,000+ suppliers and offers its Intelligent BOM service to end users, like OEM, EMS, IDH, SMT, PCB, PCBA, ODM.
 Allchips only cooperates with electronic component manufactures and their authorized agents. They promise that: “No fake components, No refurbished components, and Genuine components only!”


About ElEXCON 2017
Elexcon is an international exhibition for Global Electronics Manufacturing Industry, Elexcon China has developed itself as China’s biggest domestic IT exhibition, attracting the world’s top IT enterprises. It will showcase individuals intelligent devices, Semiconductor components, Photoelectric components and materials, SMT equipments, Manufacturing software, Communications &0 multimedia services & many more.


Allchips Electronic Components BOM Tool 2.0

A flawless BOM Tool is the desire of every electronic component-based enterprise. While this is important to make easy ordering and purchasing, along with delivery, the Allchips Intelligent BOM 2.0 is built with perfection in mind. In this article, we’ll provide an insight into the workings and features of the Allchips’ BOM tool and how wonderful the results have been.


BOM Links buyers and engineers

The Allchips BOM 2.0 serves as the link between buyers and engineers. It is able to help buyers control BOM prices along with risks, offering you the best solution to increase your business efficiency and productivity. The intelligent BOM 2.0, through its use of the BOM Smart import table as well as intelligent matching, combines large data artificial intelligence with Allchips electronic components. Allchips 2.0 is the current version. It is a nice BOM tool but Allchips has once again begun work on improving the already incredible BOM version 2.0. The BOM tool 2.0 has a lot of features that are sure to make you fall in love. It works smoothly and in a more advanced way and when you compare this to other BOM systems used by other companies. Right below are a few of the features you’ll love about this BOM system.


Physical Assessment of Your Project

The BOM has a BOM Smart Matching Feature. After the smart matching process, Allchips Big Data analysis shows whether or not the project can be implemented. A result of 80% indicates the project is healthy and implementable. Being less than 80% may be as a result of a wrong model and the engineer will need to be sure if there is no problem with any of the required part number.

Physical Assessment of Your Project
Physical Assessment of Your Project


Evaluation of the Project Cost

With the Allchips BOM Match and the intelligent analysis, you are able to calculate the price of your project within your budget, saving you costs and unnecessary expenses.

Evaluation of the Project Cost
Evaluation of the Project Cost



Allchips BOM 2.0 has the feature that can help you check price differences of each item number with bar chart representations helping you make a detailed analysis for the different part number, check the recommended quality and check whether the price of the components fits into your budget. However, if the final analysis of the 20% delivery date exceeds 6 weeks, then, it’s necessary to examine if the project can be completed within the stipulated time.



Risk Control

The Allchips BOM has the ability to help reduce your project risk through some analysis. It can help figure whether your project item number is from a single supply channel, whether it is out of production or it is out of stock as well as whether it meets environmental standards. These factors and some others are the greatest risks against projects and when these are analyzed, then, you can determine how to set about your project.

Risk Control
Risk Control


Alternative Substitutions

There are times you may have to make some substitutions for some materials because most of the times, all of the items in your request may not be 100% matched and in this kind of instances, Allchips’ BOM helps with the closest and highest quality substitute.

Alternative Substitutions
Alternative Substitutions


Professional Supply Chain Management

Allchips can also help with the optimization of BOM manual. The company has been in business for over a decade and they are best positioned to offer explanations and guides.

Professional Supply Chain Management
Professional Supply Chain Management


The Allchips BOM version 2.0 has been largely successful and has seen an increase in the BOM/Month since its launch. It has greatly helped customers control costs, reduce purchasing time as well as reduce risks to an extent. Despite the efficiency of the BOM version 2.0, the 3.0 BOM version is in the making and we’re sure it’ll be nothing but amazing when it finally rolls out.