Allchips Intelligent BOM Tool Come on Stage at ELEXCON 2017

On Dec. 21–23, 2017, Allchips Limited was crowned with complete success at ELEXCON 2017. According to Mr. Li, the Principal of Exhibition: “The whole team had to get ready one and a half months in advance, in order to make full preparation, show Allchips’ brand influence and offer the classic expo experience to visitors. The booth is 580 square feet, and equiped with a service staff of 20. Allchips have really showed their sincerity.”

During the exhibition, Allchips’ booth was always full of visitors. There was not any empty chair left. And many others were standing in line looking for the brochures. Both clients and suppliers were full of interest in Allchips: the professional electronic components platform.

allchips at elexcon 2017 exhibition
allchips at elexcon 2017 exhibition

Mr. Li said: “The main purpose is to exhibit our Intelligent BOM Tool 2.0. Since after the launch of Intelligent BOM 2.0, positive feedbacks have come like tidewater. ELEXCON 2017 is one of the best opportunities to have this BOM tool experienced by companies in need offline. And with more feedback from offline, we can continue improving our Intelligent BOM Tool more efficiently.  Moreover, many factories have agreed to use our BOM tool after communicating with us and experiencing it. The set in our booth has been always full. These companies are eager to use our intelligent BOM Tool, to help them improve purchasing efficiency, save purchasing cost, and manage their projects smartly. Now our R&D department has already hand to develop BOM Tool 3.0. We believe this will be big good news for the factories we serve.”

allchips intelligent BOM tool
allchips intelligent BOM tool

How to use Allchips Intelligent BOM tool:


During this expo, over 4,700 visitors registered on Allchips’ website, and over 350 clients visited their booth directly. But not only that, dozens of original factories and authorized agents are now willing to sell on Allchips’ platform.

Allchips’ SCM (Supply Chain Management) Department Director stated: “Over 1,000 original factories and authorized agents have already sold their products on Allchips’ Platform. And these registered suppliers will be the powerful guarantee that all the components from Allchips are Original and New. However, for Allchips, the main business is not only selling electronic components, but also offering service through our BOM Tool. BOM Tools have a big market demand, but there isn’t a good one in the market at the moment. Our Intelligent BOM Tool is made for those developing companies, helping them save time and cost. All members of Allchips are aiming to help and accompany those developing small and medium enterprises grow in strength. This is Allchips final vision.”


About Allchips
Allchips is an electronic components service platform for original manufacturers and authorized agents. Allchips supplies more than 10 million products from 1,000+ suppliers and offers its Intelligent BOM service to end users, like OEM, EMS, IDH, SMT, PCB, PCBA, ODM.
 Allchips only cooperates with electronic component manufactures and their authorized agents. They promise that: “No fake components, No refurbished components, and Genuine components only!”


About ElEXCON 2017
Elexcon is an international exhibition for Global Electronics Manufacturing Industry, Elexcon China has developed itself as China’s biggest domestic IT exhibition, attracting the world’s top IT enterprises. It will showcase individuals intelligent devices, Semiconductor components, Photoelectric components and materials, SMT equipments, Manufacturing software, Communications &0 multimedia services & many more.