Difference between Allchips BOM, Digikey BOM, Mouser BOM and Ickey BOM.

A bill of materials (also known as a BOM or bill of material) is a comprehensive list of parts, items, assemblies and other materials required to create a product, as well as instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. The bill of materials can be understood as the recipe and shopping list for creating a final product. But for most of the purchasers, we can say that their BOM can refer to a long list of components. So how to deal with the BOM efficiently becomes more and more vital for the suppliers or the supply chain platform. Facing the market requirement,different BOM service models emerged to meet the demand of the customers. Such as : the “ Allchips BOM solution ” “ Digikey BOM manager ” “ Mouser BOM Tool ”and “ Ickey BOM Matching ”.

But there is indeed some difference ,which can influence choices of the customers. Now let us have a review on their similarities and distinction via testing their BOM systems.

Allchips BOM system

Digikey BOM system

Mouser BOM system

Ickey BOM system

First of all, we would like to talk about the similarities which demonstrate the trend of the high efficiency and comprehensive data collection in the industry. All of the systems enable to quote for your BOM within seconds, which facilitates you to save a large mount of time. Then the various BOM service models can serve you to place the online order , which maybe can meet the demands in small quantity and few materials of customers. Then they also offered the parameters to test if materials meet the security standard such as the environment standard. Finally, the online quotation can contribute to the access to the latest knowledge and information of the related materials. Meanwhile the customers can made wise decision when they operate their business. So to some degree, the BOM service is also promoting the progress of technology innovation. Digital transformation and new business models are coming to manufacturing and as a result creating new demands for the customers.

Meanwhile, difference model conduces to the opportunity for each promising platform. As for the BOM service, Allchips BOM, Digikey BOM, Mouser BOM and Ickey BOM operate by the some different method to some extent. So let us analyse how the diverse BOM service appeals to and serves the customers which shaped their uniqueness.

From the above the screen pictures, we can have a clear on the design of the whole BOM system. They all export the matching result for cutomers’ BOM list by the disparate data analysis with their database.  Allchips BOM solution can show you a comprehensive and overall outline on your BOM with a detailed score calculation, which facilitate you to have a clear mind in the the materials matching status. And their system can automatically recognize your template even with vague character. There is no need to create a file to adapt to the system format, which is a obvious advantage.but for the other three platform you need to adjust your file to suit their system and show the matching sate by the single material explanation, and provide the detailed information corresponding to the required materials. Certain special design can satisfy specialized customers’perference. Such as ICkey’s choosing suppliers by manual operation, which develop the access to supplier choice which customer would like to prioritize. Mouser’s quantity setting is different from the other three. They only show the price by the single one, which can help visitors know more about the probable cost of their project. The unique design is the first choice of market for competitors in a sense. So the system design also demonstrates a kind of innovation, which can draw the customers’ attention. But there is another way in which diverse platforms occupy emerging market.

Then it is important for purchasers to have a perfect and highly matching plan for their BOM list. But there is nearly no supply chain platform which can totally matching the BOM with no breach. So the capacity how to deal with the shortage of the certain materials is vital for the supply chain platform. Allchips attaches much preference to it. Facing tough situation like that, they will export alternatives automatically according to the corresponding parameters to facilitate users to make a wiser choice for their BOM, which absolutely save their time to look out the specific one. For Ickey, if you change different suppliers, you will potentially have a different matching result. Digikey also offers the related alternative information but for packaging. The Mouser have no access to that, which gave the detailed information for matched ones.

At last , price is the most concerned topic for most of customers, which refers to the whole project cost. All the customers hope to finish the purchase with favorable price. Ickey show the prices with regulatory quantity. Mouser can also show you unite price, which conduce the customers to calculation of the cost. Digikey also provides floating price varying to different packaging. But Allchips’S BOM solution is a little bit different. They literally can offer the ladder price with different quantity. But the platform is improving. So the data online is not so comprehensive. But you can contact their professional team, including the salesman, executives and technicists who can offer you service in the technical and data support. They have cooperated with thousands of original factories and authorized agents with millions of data. Then we will analyse and make a price comparison for your BOM. Besides their system can optimize your whole BOMl list. That is also what their team can deal with. So BOM solution is favored by more and more customers.

All of them can be regarded as innovators of the era, which also demonstrates the limitlessness of innovation. A new platform is also a new beginning of innovation. So no matter what kind of model they are, the supply chain of electronic components will have a bright and potential future because of their spirit of exploration in customers service. It is also firmly believed that more excellent service from supply chain platform is worthy of being expected for customers.

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