What is BOM IN ONE BOX and what does the BOM servics contain?

Since Allchips was founded, the BOM service is what they want to do forever. Allchips serve 100,000 customers in China. so when they went to out of china for the first time and they wanted to give our service a good name.

At the beginning, it was called “BOM solution” directly, because our service at that time was an online software to give customers solution. At 2018, one of our customers said that our service was great, purchasing a $1200000 order at a time, and gave us the service a name:


This name has a great resonance in our company, and our managers are excited about this name. Because this name is synonymous with our service.

BOM IN ONE BOX comes from this.



BOM IN ONE BOX is a all-in-one procurement solution for electronic components. Allchips have been deeply involved in this industry for more than 10 years, and Allchips know the headache of industry procurement. Some SMEs( Small and medium-sized enterprises), especially small and startups have very weak supply chains. They are ready to put their products into production and discover that their supply chain will torture them. They do not have a procurement channel, they need to search, compare, and ensure the lead time by searching the website one by one. They waste a lot of time and money, and they may find that the cost of the products are far exceeds the budget.


Allchips have a customer, their company has a total of 12 people, most of them are engineers. After receiving the angel round financing, it is expected that the first batch can produce 5,000 sets of products. When they start do the project and mass-produce, they are dumbfounded. The purchase took a lot of time, the cost 20% higher than their budget, and the project was almost aborted. Finally, Allchips solved their supply chain problem through us. Allchips are still offering them supply chain service, and the team has grown to nearly 30 people now.

Allchips team started this service in 2016. Allchips BOM service team currently has more than 30 people, each with extensive experience in the industry, knowing the market price, and working closely with the original agent. (Allchips have cooperated with more than 1000 original manufacturers and authorized agents. These are basically the maintenance of our BOM team. This is also the biggest secret advantage of Allchips bom service.) The division of our BOM team is very clear. Active components, passive components, chips, power devices, optoelectronic devices, connectors, etc. are all handled separately. This allows the price given by each individual to be the best price in the industry.


What does the “BOM IN ONE BOX” contain?

BOM Quotation

BOM Quotation is the basic service include in “Bom in one box”.  When you do a project, you must have a BOM list, the BOM list may contain thousands parts like this: (the case i copy some parts)

Manufacturer part number Producer Value Package Quantity
CL21B103KCANNNC SAMSUNG 10000pF 100V 0805 100
EEUFC1C471 PANASONIC 470µF 16V 10 mm 10
UVZ1H221MPD NICHICON 220µF 50V 10 mm 10
UVZ1H220MDD NICHICON 22µF 50V 5 mm 20
GRM31CR61E106KA12L MURATA 10µF 25V 1206 10
UVZ2A470MPD NICHICON 47µF 100V 10 mm 5
293D227X9010D2TE3 VISHAY 220µF 10V 2917 10
CL10B104JB8NNNC SAMSUNG 100nF 50V 0603 100
CL21B102KBANNNC SAMSUNG 1nF 50V 2012 100
VJ0805A101JXACW2BC VISHAY 100pF 50V 0805 100
CRCW04020000Z0TDBC VISHAY 0 Ohm 0402 100
DE1209-330 FERROCORE 330µH 12x12x10mm 5
DE0704-330 FERROCORE 330µH 7.3×7.3×4.5mm 5
DJNR4018-100-S FERROCORE 10µH 4x4x1.8mm 5
DS1023-1*5S21 CONNFLY 10
BC847C.215 NEXPERIA SOT-23-3 25
1206S4F1002T5E ROYAL OHM 10k Ohm 1206 100
0805S8J0472T5E ROYAL OHM 4.7k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0000T5E ROYAL OHM 0 Ohm 0805 100
TC0525B1501T1E ROYAL OHM 1.5k Ohm 0.1% 0805 10
0805S8J0302T5E ROYAL OHM 3k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0151T5E ROYAL OHM 150 Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0303T5E ROYAL OHM 30k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0103T5E ROYAL OHM 10k Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0331T5E ROYAL OHM 330 Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0182T5E ROYAL OHM 1.8k Ohm 0805 100
TC0525B1001T1E ROYAL OHM 1k Ohm 0.1% 0805 20
0805S8J0270T5E ROYAL OHM 27 Ohm 0805 100
0805S8J0470T5E ROYAL OHM 47 Ohm 0805 100
TC0525B1000T1E ROYAL OHM 100 Ohm 0.1% 0805 10

You can’t find these parts one by one, that may cost few days or months. And you can’t get them quichly, because you may find than some of them are lead time parts. If you are an startup company, you will worried about your supply chain. BOM IN ONE BOX quotation can help you save time and money, we can offer one price(the best price than every one others) for all the parts, you do not worry about the quality, lead time, Customs. Because in the BOM IN ONE BOX service give you the price. That base the quality, lead time, Customs. These are the foundation.

If you have the bom, and need 1 sample parts of the project. We also can quotation for you too. That means every part you need one or two, we also can help you. No MOQ.  You can send your sample BOM to


When we offer you the BOM Quotation. You think the price is okay, you can purchase. All the service will be the best.

Many ways payment:
TT Bank Information: (for US Dollars)
Western Union


If you don’t have a warehousing system, we have a large warehouse in Shenzhen that can be used as your warehousing. You can arrange for us to ship the components according to your project schedule.

Testing service

We can do many testing service for the components. Before we package, we will test them whether they have the parameter.

Final Function Testing

Open/Short Test

Programming Function Testing


HD Visual Inspection

Chemistry Analysis

BOM IN ONE BOX service is the best service of electronic components industry.